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DUCK EYES is an art collective and production company.

Our company taps into and creates a thriving art scene for young artists and prospective filmmakers in Nebraska.  This company is comprised of a network of reliable and talented individuals who are involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process, including, but not limited to: crew, cast, and post positions.  We are more than just a name and a production company, we are a REVOLUTION.

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This company was inspired by my journey attempting, and ultimately failing, to make a feature length film during 2018 and early 2019.  In this undertaking, I experienced a number of roadblocks, the worst being hindered by those who have established themselves in the limited film environment in Nebraska being unwilling to help me achieve my goal. Furthermore, my project was impeded by an inability to find a dedicated cast and crew to participate in my project, which added to the overwhelming stress of having to bear the majority burden of the responsibilities needed to produce a film project.

I was inspired to create this company because of the main issue which continues to plague the universal art community: the “old guard” status which is disinclined to guide the younger generation of artists and refuses to allow them access to the creative space in a substantial way.  Those who have a foundation in the creative field and video sharing websites make it extremely difficult for young artists to display and distribute their creations. It is becoming nearly impossible for us to establish our own voice and perspective within the cultural discussion. I saw a void in a broken system and decided that it needed to be not only repaired, but overhauled.

In an atmosphere in which young artists are not invited to participate in the creative space, I propose that we no longer wait for an invitation, but that we foster the environment ourselves.

Instead of struggling on our own, we can be stronger and more impactful together!

To this end, I have created a collective support system.

Let us begin the process of carving out an artistic niche for young filmmakers and actors in Nebraska!

Those involved in creative endeavors in the Midwest seek to go elsewhere, to larger cities, in pursuit of recognition within the artistic community. I propose that we take vigorous steps to curtail the continued artistic drain from the Midwest.  DUCK EYES will bring the eccentric and explorative creative scenes typical of New York and Los Angeles to the Midwest, where it is so desperately needed and desired.

We are a Midwest based company and our aspirations are far from diminutive!

We aim to create a mass audience and dedicated following nationwide through aggressive social media and marketing.  We are more than just a name and a production company. We are a REVOLUTION.



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